Welcome to my portfolio, it´s a small collection of my favourite photographs taken under many years.

Born in Sweden, 1962. Living in Katrineholm.

Selflearned Photographer.

I bought my first camera in 1984, it was an old Chinon with a winder, i used it for a couple of years but in the end i couldnt afford to develop the film so i was forced to quit.


When the first digital cameras arrived for ordinary consumers i bought a Casio Exilim, it was a 2 megapixel camera that was very small, nearly the size of a creditcard. Soon i got my inspiration back, and since that i have upgraded my gears very often, and today i use a Sony A7 MKIII, Sony RX100 MKIII, Sony RX10 MKII, Gopro Hero 6 and a Nikon D500. For airialphotographs i use the DJI Phantom Proffesional 3.


I mostly photograph landscapes, cityscapes, animals and some streetphoto and porttraits.


If you want to buy some of my pictures, or hire me, use my contact page.


Welcome to my world of photos, i hope you like what you see :)

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